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It is inevitable being involved in Home Renovation projects as a Mexican Artist.. 

Anytime I work towards renovating one of the most popular spaces of a customer’s home, I enjoy providing exceptional services: from budget optimization to taking lead towards aesthetically- pleasing matters of the project. 

I’m offering my services and committed assistance towards home renovation projects since 2017 in the USA.

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W E  G O T  T H I S !



Bringing a successful transformation to Houston, TX.  
My customer considered brand new white cabinets initially, however, my approach for the desired modern setting was reached through to the white marble countertops instead! In this case, the old countertops and the ugly green walls had to go... working on a budget makes you pick and choose, but I got you. 

My experience with Kitchen Tile,  Flooring Installations and Home Trends is EXTENDED.. from carpet, to hardwood, to vinyl in any format! Check out this unique loose-lay vinyl selection for my customer's Art studio. 

Loose-lay vinyl installation managed by me





I enjoy finding the best products to fit your family needs!

Carpeted stairs are generally safer and quieter than wooden stairs. They reduce the chances of slipping and also absorb sound to soften footsteps. 

Fun Fact: Natural Fibers

Designers love to work with natural fibers such as jute or sisal due to their warming, trendy and rustic feels. I will always recommend to treat them (especially for stair runners) for durability purposes. 


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